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In November 2023 Google started sending an unprecedented amount of traffic to Reddit.

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  • Metrics Reddit, Organic Keyword lift

    24.5% lift in organic keywords

  • Metrics Reddit lift in organic traffic

    81.5% lift in organic traffic

  • Metrics Reddit lift in top 3 keywords

    47% lift in Top 3 keywords

  • Metrics Reddit lift in Traffic Value

    87.2% lift in Traffic Value

This trend has persisted into 2024, with expert SEOs commenting on this change in the search results.

Sites like Reddit and Quora are now pinching traffic from digital publishers and niche site owners in millions of SERPs where they were not featured before.


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20th March 2024

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What we do

  1. 1. Identify keywords

    We build a personalised list of keywords that are relevant to your product.


    Keyword Data
  2. 2. Crawl the Google search results

    We compile a list of all Reddit threads appearing on Google for those keywords.


    Scraping Google Search Scraping Reddit
  3. 3. Turning the data into actionable insights

    We run a series of custom scripts to merge all the data we collected into a high value report.


    Custom Scripts Human Quality Control
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